Kevin is really the King! I had a recurring problem with my septic tank that nobody else could figure out. I spent big money to replace my drain field only to fail after 8 months of service. I had a 2 years warranty on the new drain field to which the other service provider did not honor. I called Kevin and he came and finally fix my problem!
Very professional, they knew exactly what was wrong, they took the time to explain how things work, showed me exactly what was wrong and fixed it to my entire satisfaction. Money well spent, peace of mind, I highly recommend Kevin and Tony for their very professional service.
three different companies told me I needed a new drain field. I didn't now what a drain field was, then I called septic king asked for Kevin the man really knows his stuff. after he took the time to explain to me how everything worked, he explained how my drain field could be repaired. I saved a couple grand. I wont ever use anyone else. thanks Kevin!.
Kevin opened and inspected my septic system, which had been installed 7 years ago but had been pumped only once. He determined that while the baffle portion met the code at the time of installation, the code had been revised. He installed an upgraded baffle, pressure cleaned the drain field lines, and carefully restored the topsoil - all in 1 day and for an affordable cost. I am very pleased.
I call because I was having a problem with my septic system that nobody could figure out. Septic king came out and solved my problem and saved me a boat load of money he was very good and knowledgeable and fixed my problem and was there the same day I call them and had it fixed in the same day. Great work!!!!!